Event: Pi Wars 2019

Our team Lunokdod-1 takes part in the International robot competition Pi Wars 2019 🤖 on March 30 (Saturday) at the Cambridge Computer Laboratory in England.

Our kids play in the Schools and other kids’ clubs category. More information on the website of the organizers https://piwars.org/

We will be glad to everyone who can come to Cambridge and support our team “Lunokhod-1” in this competition. If you free and do not have plans please come.

An adult ticket for 0ne day is £5, children under 18 are free.

Buy tickets here https://ti.to/cambridge-raspberry-jam/pi-wars-2019-spectators

Teams begin to compete at 10.30am and we expect to finish the competition around 5pm. A prize-giving ceremony takes place around that time and takes about an hour, bringing the event to a close around 6pm.

William Gates Building / Cambridge Computer Laboratory, William Gates Building 15 JJ Thomson Avenue Cambridge CB3 0FD